Welcoming, Exploring, Affirming

Rainbow Ministry

Rainbow Ministry encourages us as individuals to address all the six colours of Christian development in our own personal lives. Having an individual focus means that as a church made up of individuals, but with a strong community ethos, we are more likely to develop our own model of ‘church’ and Christian community that is fitting to our ministry context of Poole and the surrounding areas relevant for today.

By developing in this way we are seeking to be led by The Holy Spirit.

MCC Poole follows the traditions of the ‘Church Universal’ and the wider worldwide fellowship of MCC Churches of which we are a proud and loyal part.

Rainbow Ministry along with our Mission Statement underpins all we do as a Spiritual Community.

Red – Justice Ministry: Justice Ministry challenges us as individuals to strive for justice and fairness in our world and to speak out against oppression and discrimination. It reminds us that just as God is fair and just, we too should strive for the same values.

Orange – Community Ministry: Just as the orange is a fruit with many segments, this area of ministry reminds us that to grow as Christian women and men we need to be part of a worshipping community.

Yellow – Outreach Ministry: Yellow is a joyous colour. This area of ministry challenges us to share our Christian spirituality with those who we meet in our day to day lives, inviting them to join us in a faith journey along ‘the Jesus Path’.

Green – Stewardship Ministry: The colour green reminds us that everything we have in our own personal lives is a gift from God, therefore we are called to share it generously with God through the work of the Church, being generous to God as God has been generous to us.

Blue – Wholeness Ministry:  This area of our church life challenges us to attend to our emotional and physical health as well as our spiritual health. It encourages us to be reconciled to our sexual and gender identity. It encourages us to explore issues of birth, life and death and our faith and doubts.

Purple – Spirituality Ministry: This area of Christian development encourages us to grow in our spiritual life. Developing our prayer life, our reading of scripture, worship and our spiritual discipline all come under this area of ministry.

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