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Getting to know Luke better – 3

We continue our in-depth look at Luke’s Gospel as we read Luke throughout 2016. To start with read chapter five and then spend a few moments reflecting on the thoughts below.

The people we meet in this chapter find themselves doing familiar things in new creative ways.

In setting out to water again after previous disappointments the disciples found fish. In being lowered through the roof, rather than going through the door the man who couldn’t walk received forgiveness of his sins (those things which separate us from God) and could walk again. As instant popularity ensued with crowds gathered to hear him, Jesus retreated to the wilderness. Rather than calling the respectable to follow him, Jesus choose a tax collector . Now this has never been the most popular of professions but at the time of Jesus tax collectors really were despised.

 I don’t know about you, but day to day I find myself following the logic of the world; doing what is expected of me. And yet so often when we encounter Jesus we are challenged to turn perceived wisdom on its head. The Gospel challenges me to think about God’s way, rather than always following the way of the world. In this chapter of the Gospel we can see ordinary people invited to be creative as they experience the divine through their encounter with Jesus. The Gospel inspires us to be novel in our lives, moving from beyond what is expected to follow the way of the Gospel. And it is when we live the closest to the Gospel message that we live the closest to God.

God Bless

Kevin x

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