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Getting to know Luke better – 2

This week we continue our in depth look at Luke’s Gospel by asking you to read chapter 4 of the Gospel.

In Luke 4 : 2 we read how Jesus was led out in to the desert for forty days, where he fasted and contemplated his future ministry. Forty days is an interesting concept. It may be literally forty days, but more likely means a long time. So Jesus spent a long time contemplating God’s will for him and God’s will for his ministry.

But Jesus was not just a man of contemplation he was a man of action. In this chapter he entered the synagogue, travelled widely , and encountered many. Here and throughout the Gospel accounts we see the contrast of contemplation and action.

Perhaps this means that if we are to encounter Jesus we need to live the paradox of seeing God through stillness (prayer and reflection) and living God through action (being the hands and feet of Christ).

I don’t know about you but as I think about this I certainly feel challenged. My prayer for us all as individuals and as a Church community is that we may get the balance right. In other words we can be still enough to listen to God and busy enough to really do God’s work.

God Bless,


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