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Getting to know Luke better – 7

This week we continue our “Gospel Challenge”, by reading chapter nine of Luke’s Gospel. After you have read the chapter and spent some time thinking about it, read the thoughts below to aid your reflection.

I don’t know about you, but come mid-July I tend to want to sit back, chill out, and completely wind down. Of course this is natural and it is really important that we all attend to our physical and psychological health. However, if we look at the Gospel, we can see that Jesus was challenging of the disciples. He sent them out to go and tell others. Jesus would not do it for them. It may be a surprise, but Jesus isn’t just going to fill our church, he is sending us out to tell others of our faith and what a good time we have together. He didn’t just feed the 5,000, he gave the disciples jobs, he asked them to help him. Jesus said to the disciples “you feed them”, he says the same to us.

Here we are in the middle of “Pride-tide”, he doesn’t just say to the Pastor and the board go out, you feed them, he says it to each and every one of us. You see it is you  who has the charisma (gift of grace in Greek) to tell others about your faith, your journey, your joy. The chapter goes on to challenge us about the cost of following Jesus and the account of the transfiguration makes it clear we are not following any old historical philosopher or preacher. No, we are following the son of God, the Messiah.

So yes, let’s all kick back a little over summer. put our flip flops on and chill. But let’s not let the summer go past without telling others about our faith, and building our church. Above all let’s use the summer to catch up on our reading. Perhaps as we sit on the sun lounger, there is no excuse not to find time to read the Gospel of Luke.

God Bless

Kevin x

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