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how_you_can_help_us-challenginginjustice_2_2757485033MCC’s around the world challenge injustice in a very active way. Whether this is to write to governments asking for the death penalty to be removed for people who are gay, to helping asylum seekers who cannot go home to their own country for fear of death and everything and anything in between.

Why challenge injustice?

How would you feel if there was someone bullying you in some way and there was nobody to fight for your corner and you were so disenfranchised you couldn’t fight your own?

Sometimes people are rendered voiceless because of their situations and we need to help them in an empowering way that helps them to find their voice.

Sometimes it is about a formal approach with other groups to help raise profiles but more often than not it is helping individuals to realise their own potential and offering support.

We are part of groups that offer practical support to people such as the Poverty Action Group, but we are also working with individuals and families to address workplace injustices.

When we reach our own potential we have the strength to help others reach theirs. Sometimes we have to look inward to see if there is anything within our own lives that needs challenging – when we work together we are a much stronger force for the common good.


Have you ever thought about this:

200345957-005 WineCommunion is offered and open to everyone – the wine has alcohol content. How would you feel if you were overcoming an alcohol issue, hadn’t drunk for 10 years but wanted to engage in communion? Offering everyone non alcoholic wine means nobody is left out.  Gluten free bread means those who have food tolerance issues can also take part if they choose too.

how_you_can_help_us-challenginginjustice_2_498345827How would you feel if, because you were in a wheelchair, you had to go into a building via the back door, past the toilets and the bins?  Sometimes with older buildings it is more difficult for access however finding the easiest route for people with mobility issues and then have everyone enter through that door means nobody is ostracised.

how_you_can_help_us-challenginginjustice_2_1943511276What would happen if the body you were born in didn’t fit into a gender stereotype, or you were transitioning from being a male to female or vice versa, and you wanted to use the bathroom? Which bathroom would you use?  We often hear ‘oh it’s ok you can use the disabled toilet’.  What would that do for your own self esteem?  Offering gender neutral toilets means nobody has to make these decisions and everyone can feel comfortable.

There is so much we can all do to be more aware.  Inclusion does not always mean adding to but sometimes means totally rethinking how we do things.  Are you ready to challenge your own thinking or that of the organisation you belong to?  Why not email us if you need help admin@river-of-life.org.uk

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