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how_we_can_help_you-services_3_1077889152What do we offer?

There are so many services that we can offer you, whether you attend River of Life or not. We know that there are times in your life that you need to have a ceremony that will help you. We offer individually written services that can capture every emotion you describe.


We offer infant or adult baptism. Whether you prefer a sprinkling of water or full immersion in a pool, river or the sea.


Whether you have a new home you would like blessed, an animal or a relationship, we take them all seriously. We can offer you a formal blessing, or a more informal intimate ceremony at your home or place of choice. The services can be as secular, religious, modern or traditional as you would like – don’t be afraid to ask for exactly what you want.

Naming Ceremonies

In this modern world we realise there is sometimes a desire for more secular services where the focus is on humanity and not God – we are able to offer these also.


River of Life can help you with weddings – so why not come along and see us and what we can offer for your special day. MCC has been offering relationship blessings for over 40 years now.


We know that when you are grieving the death of a friend, partner or family member, it is difficult to think about a funeral but it does help you through the grieving process. Therefore we want to help make the service a fitting tribute to the person.

We also offer a service to help you plan ahead. None of us likes to think too much about our own mortality however it is inevitable. So why not think ahead and plan your own service with our help to take away the stress of doing this for those you leave behind.

Whatever your questions about services, please don’t be afraid to ask us – we want to offer you a service to capture events at all stages of your life.  Contact us on worship@river-of-life.org.uk

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